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Weekly Skincare Routines

A weekly routine will usually combine your daily routine products with other products that you only use on a weekly basis. Not all products are designed to be used on the skin on a daily basis- they may even have a negative effect on the skin if they were used daily- however used correctly on a weekly (or twice a week) basis can have amazing benefits on the skin and actually help your daily products to work better!

Here are some of the most common products you could use in your weekly routine;


We actually have a whole blog just on exfoliating so definitely check that out if you really want to get to grips with exfoliation! All skin types need to exfoliate- it removes the dead skin cells which makes your skin brighter and smoother (removes flakiness and bumpiness), allows oil to release from the skin better and allows for better penetration of products (e.g. if you put moisturiser on skin that is not regularly exfoliated it is going to be sitting on top of a barrier dead skin cells unable to penetrate properly into the skin). 

Its a really important step and if you only have one product that you use in your weekly routine this needs to be it! Exfoliating too often would be too harsh for the skin and have a negative impact (usually making it either really dry or really oily) once to twice a week is the maximum or most skins.

Deep cleanser

If you suffer with oily or congested skin or are prone to breakouts then a deep cleansing product once or twice a week would be really beneficial. The Sothys desquacrem forte microderm contains gypsophilia extract and salicylic acid to deep cleanse the pores- working on congestion, blocked pores and breakouts.


Face masks can give your skin an intensive boost and lets face it they are just fun to use! Nothing gives you that at home pamper feeling more than 15 mins with a face mask on. Whether you want a hydration boost, anti ageing, oil absorption – there is a face mask for all skin types and all concerns or conditions. You don’t always have to use the same maybe one week your skin needs hydration and the next something else or maybe you might even use two at the same time (oily on the t zone and a sensitive one on the rest of the face) just go with what your skin needs at that time.

Always start your weekly routine with your cleansing products and finish it with your moisturising products. If you were using all three of the weekly routine products listed above you would use them in the order they are written in- here is a full breakdown;

  • Cleanser (and toner if using) – Daily
  • Exfoliator – Weekly
  • Deep pore wash – Weekly
  • Mask – Weekly
  • Serum -Daily
  • Eye cream -Daily
  • Moisturiser -Daily
  • SPF (if morning)- Daily

A weekly routine should always been done alongside a good daily routine- doing a really good weekly routine once a week won’t make up for a lack of skin care the other 6 days of the week -that would be like healthy eating one day a week and eating junk food the rest of the time- you wouldn’t expect amazing results from that! 

Not only will your skin benefit from a weekly routine but it is a perfect way to practise some self care- taking some ‘me time’ one or two evenings a week to pamper yourself can be so relaxing and help to aid better sleep.

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