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Face & Body

Sothys Facials

Sothys is an expert professional brand that was created in Paris and is exclusive to beauty institutes and spas. Our trained therapists will consult with you to find the most appropriate facial and homecare routine for your skin's needs.

Mini Facials (approx 40 mins)

Seasonal facial - An ever changing treatment for all skin types using the best ingredients each season to hydrate and brighten the skin - £36

Perfect Shape - This facial re shapes and defines the lower half of the face and neck by breaking down fatty deposits and strengthening skin and collagen fibres to create a smooth, lifted and contoured jaw, neck and decollete.£36

Express Pro Peel - This resurfacing express treatment uses a glysalic peel to deeply exfoliate and renew the skin. Especially good for congested skins with blocked pores its also brightens dull skin - £36

Active Contour Eye treatment - Especially for the eye contour area to alleviate tiredness, puffiness and fine lines. Includes a pressure point, draining massage and eye mask with aloe vera to cool and soothe - £25 (when added to any other facial) or £36 as a treatment on its own.

Facials (approx one hour and all include a hand massage)

Prescription - A treatment tailored to suit your skins needs. Includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, steam, facial massage, mask and moisturise - £43

Immunisciense - For sensitive skin to calm and soothe irritation - £43

Corrective - For problem skins, using kaolin, camphor and rosemary to treat breakouts, blocked pores and congestion - £43

Resurfacing facial - Instant resurfacing for all skin types, ideal for dull, congested and pigmented or scarred skins. A detoxifying exfoliating paste is followed by a glycolic peel and oxygenating mask leaving the skin deeply cleansed, soft and radiant. Includes scalp, hand and facial massage - £50

W. Facial - For sundamage, pigmentation and uneven skin tones. Using a unique lightening complex to restore an even complection and skin tone. Includes scalp, hand and facial massage. - £52

Specialised Facials (approx 1 hour 30 mins)

All specialised facials include scalp, hand and facial massage- plus an advanced digi estethique facial massage using finger pressures, modelling and drainage to optimise the effects of the facial.

Energising - An intensive deep cleansing facial for all skin types with steam and extraction. Combining Siberian Gingseng extract and exclusive massage techniques to restore luminosity, radiance and overall youth to the complexion. - £63

Hydra - Ideal for dry, dehydrated, tight and tired skins. This rehydrating facial optimises moisture levels to plump, soften and nourish the skin. - £63

Youth Facial - An anti ageing facial which effectively treats lines, wrinkles and the firmness of the skin. An exfoliation rich in volcanic rock is followed by intensive serums and mask to leave the skin radiant and plump. - £63


Sothys Sensorial escapes body treatments

The sensorial escapes of the new Sothys body programme invite you on a journey of discovery with the fragrances from far away lands. Each unique ritual offers total relaxation with delicate aromatic essences to provide an escape to well being!

Hanakasumi (1 hour 15 mins) - The cherry blossom and lotus escape from Japanese inspiration. An enzyme peeling cream is applied all over the body, whilst this is activating a specific modelling massage of the feet is carried out. The peeling cream is removed before shea butter is massaged into the entire body - £56

Oriental Ceremony (1 hour 15 mins) - The cinnamon and ginger escape from oriental inspiration. A spicy nutmeg scrub is followed by oriental oil massaged into the entire body before an aromatic bag and warm stone massage - £56

Customized Treatment (1 hour 15 mins) - Sensorial escape of your choice, lemon and petitgrain, orange and cedarwood or vanilla and sandalwood. A sugar and salt scrub with the fragrance of your choice. Followed by a relaxing and specific full body massage with the modelling product of your choice, nourishing oil, soft cream or melting butter. A 100% personalised treatment - £56


Diamond Spa Microdermabrasion

A resurfacing and skin renewal treatment that treats lines and wrinkles, acne, scarring, pigmentation, blocked pores, dehydration and dull, tired looking skins.


A highly effective resurfacing treatment which exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin. Using a stream of aluminium oxide crystals and suction to stimulate cell regeneration.


Organic grains can be added to the crystal treatment to provide further exfoliation or used alone to brighten and smooth the skins texture.


Liquid Oxygen and minerals are pumped deep in to the skin tissues for healthy, younger looking skin. Can be taken on its own but is most beneficial after a crystal or organic Microdermabrasion.

After treatments skin is smoother, decongested and bright. Instant results can be seen and best results come from a course of treatments.

Prices from £45 to £65

Non Surgical Face Lift

A facial toning treatment using micro current to lift and tone the facial muscles. Courses are recommended for best results - £18 per session (course discounts can be applied)



Massage and body treatments cannot be carried out on pregnant clients who are less than 12 weeks, after 12 weeks they may need to be adapted and we do require written permission from your doctor or midwife - please advise your therapist if you are pregnant.

Swedish Massage

For knots and muscle tension

Back and Neck (20-25 mins) - £23

Back and Neck Extended (30 mins) - £29

Full Body (55 mins) - £40

Aromatherapy Massage

Using blended essentials oils for individual needs

Back and Neck (20 mins) - £23

Back and Neck extended (30 mins) - £29

Full Body (55 mins) - £45

Full body, scalp and face (75 mins) - £55

Hot Stone Massage

Using volcanic polished stones to relieve tension and balance the chakras

Back and neck (45 mins inc consultation and body brushing) - £32

Full Body (90 mins inc consultation and body brushing) - £56


A relaxing massage on the feet, using pressures, than can help with ailments elsewhere in the body by unblocking energy channels to balance the body - £32

Body Exfoliation

Full Body Glow Exfoliation with application of oil or lotion - £26



Sothys Silhouette Body Treatments

The Silhouette slimming treatments offer a customised solution for your body. The treatments use targeted products and specific massage techniques to break down fat and firm the skin. The result- a sculptured and contoured body. Courses are recommended for best results.

Signature Slimming Treatment (1 hour 15 mins) - Begins with a body diagnosis to customise your treatment. A warm exfoliating wrap is applied and left to work, while you relax a scalp massage will be carried out. Your targeted serum is then applied to treat cellulite. The treatment ends with a specific slimming massage and finishing products.- £55

Essential Slimming Treatment (45 mins) - The express slimming treatment. Begins with a body diagnosis to customise your treatment. A targeted serum is applied to treat cellulite followed by a specific slimming massage and finishing products.- £35

Ultratone - A workout without the effort. Using faradic current to tone the muscle and stimulate the metabolic rate. Best results are achieved in a course, 2-3 treatments per week - £20 per session (course discounts can be applied)

Slim Wrap - For fast inch loss, best for a special occasion. Can be taken as a course to kick-start a diet or detox - Full body £35.75 or Half body £30.50