Spring self care and prep ideas

Spring has sprung (can someone tell the weather!) and hopefully we are on the countdown to when we can re open again. However there is still another month to wait so if this just feels way too long (when its already been soooo long already) we have put together a list of ideas you can do at home for some self care, pick me up’s and prep until we can re open .

Do a full body exfoliation

We should actually do this once a week however I know time is precious and it’s not top of most people’s list. So what better time to do one than at the beginning of spring, removing those dead skin cells and feeling super smooth ready for the better weather. If waxing is one of the first appointments you’re booking in for then this will be great prep (especially if you have been shaving!) it will help your hairs to be removed more easily and minimise ingrown hairs- try to exfoliate the area you get waxed if not everywhere once a week from now until your appointment (you can exfoliate as close as the night before your appointment). We recommend using a body scrub for a deep exfoliation.

Paint your toes

There is nothing like a pop of colour on your toes to brighten the mood. Your toes are a bit easier to paint than your nails (although reaching them is a bit tricky I know) and polish lasts much longer on your toes than it does on fingers. 

  • Don’t skip the base coat as you don’t want to end up with staining. 
  • Apply two coats of colour
  • Finish with top coat- allowing a couple of hours to dry before putting shoes on. 

If you’re not feeling too confident try a lighter colour. Remember if you get it on your skin you can always tidy it up after with some nail varnish remover. If you are feeling super confident then paint your fingers too (it wont last anywhere near as long as gel but it may brighten your mood for a few days). 

Do an at home facial

This is great for a self care evening. It’s relaxing and great for your skin. You can add as many steps as you like- even just doing a face mask feels very pampering (just make sure you cleanse first and moisturise after). Combine with a bath and a glass of wine for ultimate relaxation! We have a video on how to do an at home facial with things you have at home on our facebook and instagram (under Videos on facebook and IGTV on instagram).

At home massage

Massage helps relieve muscle tension and stress, increases you circulation and lymph drainage and can help you get a better nights sleep – just to name a few of the benefits. We have videos on our facebook and instagram that you can follow along and do the massage on yourself. We have the following ones available;

  • Facial massage
  • Reflexology foot massage
  • Scalp massage 

Get your nails in shape

Hand washing and alcohol gel have not been great for most peoples nails- drying out the skin and nails which can make your nails more likely to split and break. Apply cuticle oil every night- keep it by your bedside table so you can do it when you get into bed, this way it has all night to work. Keeping you nails and skin around your nails moisturised helps to strengthen them and makes them less likely to split or break. The action of applying the cuticle oil also encourages circulation which can increase growth. If your nails are splitting or breaking try to keep them shorter by trimming or filing them down before they break- this will keep them short but healthy and prevent them from breaking down really low so encouraging growth in the long run. Apply hand cream as much as you can during the day to keep your hands and nails moisturised. They will then be in much better shape when it’s time for your nail appointment.

Apply oil to your lashes and brows

If you normally have lash and brow treatments applying an oil to them can encourage growth. Castor oil is great for growth, if you don’t have this you could use olive oil to nourish them. Growth serums are also great, we have some at the salon so get in touch if you’d like one. 

If more growth is not what you are looking for with your brows… then tidy up the strays with the tweezers- use the tweezers in between your brows and underneath, don’t go too close to the shape just get those stray ones that are the most obvious. Make sure your brows are clean before you start, you can apply a warm compress first if you wish. Pull your skin taught as you pluck, do two to three hairs at at time then step back and look in the mirror to make sure you don’t start going too close to the shape. Apply something soothing after such as witch hazel, aloe vera, calamine, sudocrem or savlon. 

Apply some make up

You don’t need a reason or somewhere to go to wear make up. If you think wearing some make up might boost your mood that day then go for it- even if its just a bright coloured lipstick sometimes that’s all you need for a little confidence boost.

Trim hairs back

If you normally get your facial hairs removed it can be really hard not being able to have these appointments. If you are able to resist removing the hairs then trim them back as far as you can with scissors, if they are dark you could also bleach them with a facial hair bleach (make sure you skin test first).

Hopefully these ideas will keep you busy and the next month will fly by. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone and doing those long awaited treatments again- Libra Beauty xxx

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