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What is serum?
Serum is a lighweight skincare product that contains a high concentration of active ingredient. It is thinner than moisturiser so can penetrate deeper into the skin than your moisturiser can, going further into the skin can give you a better result. The high amount of active ingredients in the serum also makes serums very effective.

What are active ingredients?
Active ingredients are ingredients in products that have been added to specifically to treat a skin condition. Active ingredients have been researched and proven to have made a change to the skin. For example vitamin C is very effective at treating pigmentation. Salycilic acid has been proven to have a deep cleansing action therefore it might be found in products designed to treat congested or acne prone skin. This high concentration of active ingredients is what makes serums so effective- it also what makes serums more expensive than moisturisers (you may have noticed the price tag is higher on serums!) active ingredients themselves plus the research behind them are more expensive to include in products than the inactive ingredients.

How do I use it?
Serum goes underneath your moisturiser- apply a small amount (about the size of a pea) after cleansing, it will probably sink in quite quickly, then apply your moisturiser over the top.

Do I still need to moisturise?
Yes, serum is not a replacement for your moisturiser. Think of it like this- imagine your skin is a car (stay with me) your moisturiser is the engine- your serum is the fuel- it helps power the engine. So your serum can boost and increase the effect of your moisturiser. Your moisturiser can still contain active ingredients and as it is thicker it also provides much needed moisture to the upper layers of the skin and creates a barrier to prevent water loss. 

Do I need to constantly use it?
Serums are usually used as an intensive course of treatment for your skin so you only use it for a certain period of time. Usually one month to 6 weeks or you might just use one bottle until it runs out. How often you do these ‘courses’ is up to you, it depends on what you are trying to treat on your skin, your skin condition and what your skin needs, if you’re unsure speak to a skincare professional about it (you can always ask us!). You can use it one month on and one month off or use for the first month of each season or just use it for two months of the year- maybe at the start of summer and at the start of winter. If you want to use it all year round then that’s fine too!

How do I know what serum to use? Serums usually target specific skin concerns- think about what you would most like to change about your skin. You can always ask a skin care professional for recommendations if you aren’t sure.

Serums are great additions to your daily routine and can give excellent results. Some people are put off by not knowing how to use them or what they really do, hopefully this post has cleared up any confusion you had about serums!

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