Recycling with Terracycle

Who are Terracycle and what do they do?

Terracycle is a recycling company that are eliminating the idea of waste by recycling the non recyclable.

The items that we are able to recycle through our local councils is limited- a lot of items are ‘hard to recycle’ and local authorities aren’t able to take them so they end up in our waste bins instead.  This is where Terracycle comes to the rescue! Terracycle collects and recycles almost any form of waste meaning they are keeping these items out of landfill and incinerators!

How you can recycle through Terracycle

There are a few different ways the general public can recycle through Terracycle. The first is that you can purchase recycling boxes directly from Terracycle, fill them up and then send them back to them. There are also free recycling schemes. Terracycle has partnered up with companies who cover the cost of ‘recycling programmes’ (for example Garnier fund the personal care and beauty recycling programme), the companies cover the cost of transporting, separating and recycling the waste. 

To recycle with the free recycling schemes you can find a collector or sign up as a collector yourself. You may have noticed Terracycle boxes popping up in schools, cafes, local businesses and even peoples homes – there are 8,000 public drop off points! (I have seen a crisp one in my local fruit and veg shop, an ellas pouches one at soft play etc). You can take your waste from the recycling programme that they are signed up to and drop it to them.

At Libra Beauty we are signed up to the Oral care by Colgate ,the personal care and beauty by Garnier and the air, home and laundry programme (by Lenor, Flash, Febreze, Ariel and Fairy)- this means that the public can drop the accepted waste from these schemes to us and we send them to Terracycle. Each recycling scheme has a list of what can be accepted so it’s worth checking this first- this can be found on the Terracycle website. You might want to collect and send it to Terracycle yourself (you would need to sign up to each recycling programme as a collector and there are minimum weights you need to reach before you can send it off).

What happens to the waste

Once terracycle have enough waste from a programe they compress it down, shred it and its then heated into moulds- it can be made into things like watering cans, benches, park equipment etc 

It gets even better…

Collectors can sign up to Terracycle in aid of a charity- this means that the collector earns points for each box they send off to Terracycle. These points can be redeemed for donations to the charity- so as if helping the planet wasn’t enough you can actually raise money for charity at the same time! Libra Beauty have signed up to Terracycle in aid of Kicks count, you can find out more about this charity here

To find out more about Terracycle visit

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