Recycling at Libra Beauty

Did you know that we are part of a recycling scheme at Libra Beauty?

We are a collection hub to collect and recycle certain types of waste that can’t go in to your curbside recycling! This means that much less of our waste from the salon goes into landfill and instead is recycled- it also means we can collect your waste too to stop it going in to landfill! 
We are signed up to two recycling schemes through Terracycle (more about these guys later…) The Colgate Oral care recycling scheme and The personal care and beauty recycling programme by Garnier. Have a look on the list to see what waste you can bring for us to collect and recycle on your behalf. We can only accept the things stated on the list, they have to be empty and we can’t accept anything that you could put into your curbside recycling.  

The Colgate oral care recycling programme
  • Any brand of toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Any brand of toothpaste cartons
  • Any brand of plastic toothbrushes
  • Any brand of plastic toothbrush outer packaging
  • Any brand of floss containers and outer packaging
  • Any brand of electric and battery toothbrush heads

The personal care and beauty recycling programme by Garnier
  • Flexible single use mask packaging and the blue plastic film put on top of the tissue mask
  • Flexible plastic face wipe packaging 
  • Personal care and beauty packaging caps, trigger sprays and pumps (rigid bottles are not accepted)
  • Personal care and beauty plastic pots and flexible plastic tubes (rigid bottles are not accepted)
  • Hair colourant kits (except rigid bottles and cardboard packaging)
  • Plastic roll on deodorant (not aerosols)

Terracycle have lots of different recycling programmes and we make an effort to recycle as much of our salon waste that we can through all of Terracycycle’s recycling schemes. Due to storage space we currently only collect for the two recycling schemes mentioned above but check out Terracycle’s website to see what else you could be recycling too and more info on where to drop ( as we are a collection hub- collecting on behalf on another collector you won’t find us on the drop off locations map.)

So who are Terracycle and what do they do……

Terracycle is a recycling company that are eliminating the idea of waste by recycling the non recyclable.

The items that we are able to recycle through our local councils is limited- a lot of items are ‘hard to recycle’ and local authorities aren’t able to take them so they end up in our waste bins instead.  This is where Terracycle comes to the rescue! Terracycle collects and recycles almost any form of waste meaning they are keeping these items out of landfill and incinerators!

What happens to the waste

Once terracycle have enough waste from a programme they compress it down, shred it and its then heated into moulds- it can be made into things like watering cans, benches, park equipment etc.

It gets even better…

Collectors can sign up to Terracycle in aid of a charity- this means that the collector earns points for each box they send off to Terracycle. These points = donations to the charity- so as if helping the planet wasn’t enough you can actually raise money for charity at the same time! Libra Beauty recycles in aid of Kicks count, you can find out more about this charity here – collection hubs are also listed on the website if you want to find other places you can drop your recycling to.

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