At  Libra Beauty we have made a conscious decision to make changes where possible to reduce waste and recycle. We are continuously working on ways to improve our sustainability and are constantly making small changes to reduce our impact on the environment.


We have teamed up with Terracycle to recycle our beauty packaging. Terracycle is a company that collects certain items that would normally go in landfill and recycles them. We take our items to other local collectors to be sent off to Terracycle who in return make a charity donation to the collectors chosen charity. Win win!

you can help too!

As we are collection hub  we can collect from any member of the public which means you can bring us your waste from home! Your old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, roll on deodorant, facial wipe packets, the list goes on….. Please click the link to see what we can accept*. The schemes we collect for are; beauty product packaging, oral care packaging.

* This is made possible by companies like Garnier and Colgate sponsoring Terracycle. We are only able to collect the specific items on this list.


We are cutting down on single use plastic so we have scrapped individually wrapped biscuits, coffee sachets, milk sachets etc.

We use sustainable consumables e.g. bamboo rather than plastic for our cotton buds etc.

We can recycle our nail varnish and gel glass bottles within the industry.

We have an energy saving plan to switch off lights and electrical equipment when not in use and are switching to renewable energy.


Sothys send us our deliveries using bio degradable packaging.

We use all recyclable packaging for the orders we send out (even the tape!)

We try to reuse boxes if possible so we hope you won’t mind if you receive your order in a box that has been used before.


We know there is a long way to go and a lot more than can be done but we do believe that every little helps and we will make more and more small changes where we can. We welcome any suggestions you have for us on what else we can do.


Co owner, Hannah, has been volunteering for the charity Look Good Feel Better for over 10 years. This charity helps people who are undergoing or have undergone cancer treatment through confidence boosting skincare and make up workshops- focusing particularly on side effects of cancer treatment. If you would like to find out more about volunteering or are a patient who would like to attend a workshop you can ask at your local unit or visit www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk


We also like to support local charities and local schools.