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Why do we need to moisturise?

Moisturising helps to hydrate you skin (increase the level of water in your skin)- it adds moisture to the upper layers of your skin which makes your skin feel more comfortable, keeps it balanced, prevents flakiness and gives an overall better appearance and feeling to the skin. It will also act as a barrier to the skin- preventing water loss (therefore not only adding moisture to the skin but helping to keep water in too) and can protect from irritants such as pollution.

What if I don’t moisturise?

If you skip moisturiser the chances are your skin will become dehydrated (and any skin type can become dehydrated even the oily ones!) If your skin is dehydrated it generally feels tight and uncomfortable and may become flaky. Dehydrated skin can look quite dull and it can even look older- when your skin cells have high levels of water they are plumper, a skin that lacks water will appear more ‘shriveled’ and have fine dehydration lines- think of how a flower that you haven’t been watering looks, it dries out and starts to shrivel up- you’re skin will look plumper and healthier if the water levels are maintained.

How often should I moisturise?

Twice a day- morning and evening. In the morning your moisturiser acts as a barrier to protect you skin throughout the day, it also provides a great base to apply make up (if you wear it) for a smoother and longer lasting application. At night time whilst you are sleeping your body does it repair work so the moisturiser that you put on at night will actually be much more effective than in the day time- so even if you are really tired make an effort to cleanse and moisturise before bed as it will work wonders for your skin.

What about oily skin?

Do not try to dry out oily skin! It’s one of the worst things you can do for it- oily skin needs moisture too! Water and oil are both present in the skin- your skin can not ‘produce’ water (it can retain the water you put into it) it can however produce oil. If you strip your skin of moisture and try to dry it out your skin will try and moisturise itself- but as it can’t produce water the only way it can do this is to produce more oil! So the less water (moisture) your skin has the more oil it will produce leaving you with oily, dehydrated skin. Oily skins are best to use a very light moisturisers to keep moisture levels up but help control oil production and shine.

How does cleansing and exfoliating effect my moisturiser?

You’ll need to apply your moisturiser to cleansed skin (even if you haven’t had make up on!) otherwise the moisturiser will be sitting on top of a fine layer of sweat, oils and pollution that have built up that day or night- this means it won’t be able to penetrate the upper layers of the skin properly making it less effective. You will also need to exfoliate your skin once once or twice a week to remove the dead skin cells- dead skin is like a barrier on the surface of the skin (especially if your skin is dehydrated!) and again will stop your moisturiser from being able to do it’s job properly! We have blogs on cleansing and on exfoliating if you want to find out more.

There are so many….help!

There are a lot of different moisturisers to choose from, here are some things to consider when making your decision;

  • How do I want it to feel on my skin? This will help you choose the texture, do you want it to be super light almost like you can’t feel anything at all, if yes you want something lightweight maybe a lotion or a gel. Or if you really want to feel it on your skin you want quite a rich cream. Moisturisers come super light to very rich and everything in between so decide what you’d like it to feel like.
  • What is my skin type? Your moisturiser needs to suit your skin type- are you oily, combination, normal, dry or sensitive? If you aren’t sure then have a skin consultation or get some advice from you local beauty salon or skincare specialist (you can always pop in and see us or e mail us if you aren’t local!)
  • If I could change one thing about my skin what would it be? Moisturisers will do more than just hydrate you skin- they will contain other active ingredients to work on specific conditions for you. So have a look at your skin, decide what you’d like to work on most- there will be a moisturiser for it! From anti ageing to pigmentation to dullness, breakouts, shiny t zone and many many other skin conditons or concerns there will be a moisturiser designed to work on this for you as well as keeping your hydration levels up at the same time!  

Now that we are coming into winter your skin will need your moisturiser more than ever- central heating, harsh winds etc can really dehydrate your skin. So if you haven’t started moisturising yet now is the time to start- it’s never to late to start a skin routine and your skin will be much better in the years to come!

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