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Lash lifts

What is a lash lift?
A lash lift changes the direction in which your lashes are pointing and sets them in that position semi permanently . Most peoples lashes point down or quite straight so looking straight on they aren’t that visible. The lash lift changes the direction of the lash to pointing upwards which makes your lashes appear a lot longer! A lash lift usually includes a tint too which dyes your lashes darker. If you ever used an eyelash curler and applied mascara this is the sort of result you can expect from a lash lift. Its a tricky one to explain so if this doesn’t make any sense to you at all see the results pic below!

What is a lash perm?!
Lash perms were around before lash lifts. When most people hear perm they have visions of curly lashes (as in little spirals coming out of your eyes!)- that’s not what it is! Essentially it’s the same as the lift except you use a roller rather than a shield- so it still lifts the lashes from the root to change the direction of them but rather than going straight up the lashes go round slightly on the roller so they curl (think a slight semi circle rather than a dead straight line). The curl gives a very pretty result but you loose a little length compared to the lift as the lashes aren’t going straight upwards.

So what happens?
So basically you lie down with your eyes closed, have a little nap and one hour later ta-da you have beautiful lashes! Whilst you are having this nap your therapist will be; sticking a silicone shield to your closed eyelid and tacking your lashes back onto this shield, then they will apply a perming lotion to the roots of the lashes for around 10-15 mins, they will remove this and apply setting lotion for around the same time or less and then they will remove this and apply tint- they will then remove all tint and the shields. You generally won’t feel anything throughout the treatment other than feeling the therapist apply light pressure whilst they are working around the eyes you also may get mild stinging from the tint.

How do I prep for my appointment?
You will need to have had a patch test before your appointment (this is usually a minimum of 48 hours before). The patch test will test all the lifting products and the tint and will probably go behind your ear or in the crook of your arm-you will need to keep this area dry for 24 hours to check there is no reaction. Reactions are rare but can be extremely serious if they do occur so a patch test is a must. On the day of your appointment it is best not to wear any eye make up and don’t use an oily products on your eyes or lashes that morning (that could act as a barrier and stop it working as well). Be ready to relax and ideally don’t drink lots or eat a heavy meal right before you go for your appointment as it might make lying down for a while a bit uncomfortable.

How long does it last?
This depends on how fast your lashes grow. Your lashes are on a cycle which is usually around 8 weeks, they fall out and new ones grow (they don’t all fall out at once so you never really notice this happening!) as your old lashes drop out and new lashes grow through the new lashes will be growing through straight. So on average after about 8 weeks your lashes will be back to normal and you can have the treatment again. Waiting 8-10 weeks between your treatments is the most ideal but you could leave it only 6 weeks if needed.

What will my results be like?
This does vary from person to person but usually results are pretty amazing! There are things that could stop your lashes lifting altogether or lifting as well which include hormones and your hair type (some hair types are just very stubborn and don’t lift as well). You can get good results from very short lashes as well as long lashes so don’t let the length of your lashes put you off (they might actually be a lot longer than you think once they are standing up straight and dyed!). 

Any maintenance?

Not really, that’s the beauty of a lash lift it is very low maintenance. There is some aftercare to follow for the first 24 hours (see below) but after that you can really just treat them the same as your normally do- you can wear make up and remove it all as normal and there are no other do’s or don’ts. 

Aftercare after your treatment;

  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes for 24 hours.
  • Avoid getting lashes wet for 24 hours (including no swimming).
  • If you experience any stinging after your treatment flush your eyes out with cold water if you need to.

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