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Daily Skin Routines

What should your daily skincare routine look like?

Your daily skin routine will comprise of products that you would use twice a day- in the morning and in the evening. When choosing your daily skin routine you need to consider the following things;

  • What your skin type is: If you need help with what your skin type is or what products to use to treat you concerns then speak to a skincare professional (you can always talk to the Libra Beauty team about your skin- pop in and see us, call us or email us).

  • What you want to change about your skin: Along side the main job of each product the products will also contain ingredients that can treat your skin concerns (e.g reduce redness, help with breakouts, anti ageing etc.) So when choosing your products think about what results you would like to gain from the product and go for a product designed to work on your particular concerns.

  • How much time you want to spend doing this daily.There are so many products to choose from and they are all used in different ways so choose something that is right for you otherwise you may give up on using it! For example if you don’t have a lot of time you may be better off using a face wash for your cleansing product that you can do in the shower very quickly and if you want a daily pamper a cleanser and toner would suit you better.

The most important thing about your daily routine is that it has to suit your needs and be personal to you. These are products that you are going to be putting on your skin every day- this means they are going to have a big impact on your skin! Recommendations are great but remember that just because your friend raves about a certain product it doesn’t mean that product will be the best for your skin- you may have a different skin type or want to achieve a different outcome to your friend therefore it may not be the best one for you to use. The product choice can be overwhelming so again if you get confused or aren’t sure what is right for you ask a skincare professional to advise you.

The basics

Cleansing, moisturising and SPF. These would be the three essential products I would recommend everyone to use daily in any skin routine! 
If you want a basic daily routine that is quick and easy to do you would use all three in the morning and just the cleanser and moisturiser in the evenings. If you want a more in depth routine you could add in other products alongside these three essentials.

  • Cleansing removes sweat, oil, pollution and make up from our face- it reduces bacteria, prevents oil becoming trapped in the pores, allows moisturiser to sink into the skin better and helps make up to last longer.

  • Moisturising your skin helps to hydrate you skin (increase the level of water in your skin)- it adds moisture to the upper layers of your skin which makes your skin feel more comfortable, keeps it balanced, prevents flakiness and gives an overall better appearance and feeling to the skin.

  • SPF protects your skin against harmful UV rays- these rays can cause damage to the skin, increase the risk of skin cancer and cause premature ageing. SPF is not just for holidays! It should be worn 365 days of the year whatever country you live in. We have a separate blogs on each of these if you want to know more in depth about what each ones does. 


Optional additions

There are other products you could add into your daily routine, here is a breakdown of some of things you could add in and why you would need too.

Make up remover/Pre cleanse
Some cleansers won’t remove all types of make up therefore you may need a separate one to remove eye, lip or heavy make up in the evening if you’re a make up wearer. You can follow this by cleansing.

Toners remove all traces of cleanser, balance the PH of the skin and help to refine pores. You can follow up your cleanser by using toner- if you are using a cleansing milk or lotion that pairs with a toner it is best to use the toner as well. Some cleansers like micellar water or facial washes don’t usually have a matching toner so it’s up to you if you’d like to use a toner after with these types of cleansers. (Toner can be really refreshing and make your skin feel super clean and tingly so if you have the time and want the benefits listed above it’s a good one to add in).  

Eye cream
The skin around your eyes is thinner, because of this it’s the first to show signs of wrinkles. If you have a build of toxins or poor circulation around your eyes they will appear darker- this is also because of the skin being thinner and more translucent. If you suffer with puffy eyes, dark circles or wrinkles around the eyes then eye creams will help with this. Apply your eye cream where you can feel the bone above and under the eye- you don’t need to go closer- it will seep up to where it needs to be- applying eye cream too close or applying moisturiser to the eyes can cause puffiness. You can use eye cream twice a day when you apply your moisturiser- it doesn’t matter which you do first as they are going on in slightly different places.

Serums go underneath your moisturiser- you can use them twice a day. They usually contain a high quantity of active ingredients meaning they are very intensive and can give very good results at working on specific skin conditions or concerns. They are lighter than moisturisers and therefore can penetrate the skin deeper. They aren’t a replacement for moisturiser so always put a moisturiser on top. As they are intensive they are usually not designed to be used all the time- a period of 4-6 weeks every few months is normally very effective.

Correcting creams
There are lots of different names for these types of products- BB cream, CC cream, Flash cream, radiance cream, complexion perfectors etc. they are skincare products with a slight make up element and will either give the skin more radiance or blur/alter the appearance of the skin slightly (either by filling in pores or changing the colour) to make it appear more uniform. It can be worn alone or make up can be applied on top.

There are lots of different options of products to use in your daily routine these are just some of the most popular ones, it’s really up to you how long or short you make it. If you’re new to a daily routine I’d advise to start with the basics then once that routine has become ingrained add products one by one if you want to. It may seem like a lot of effort to begin with but once your used to it its just another part of your routine such as brushing your teeth or having a shower- remember this is what you are putting on your skin on a daily basis – a little bit of effort will make a huge difference to your skin! 

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