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Your cleansing questions answered.

Why do I need to cleanse?

The reason we cleanse is to remove sweat, oil, pollution and make up from our face! If we didn’t cleanse then these would sit on our skin which would;

  • create bacteria (and therefore possible blemishes),
  •  trap the oil in pores (causing blackheads and blemishes), 
  • create a barrier on the skin so that when we apply moisturiser it wouldn’t sink into the skin properly and therefore wouldn’t be able to do its job and 
  • make up wouldn’t last as well on the skin as it would have been applied on top of this layer making it easy for it to slide off.

Is just water OK?

Water alone doesn’t give your skin a deep enough cleanse. Imagine washing your hair with just water no shampoo, or brushing your teeth with just water no toothpaste- your hair/teeth really wouldn’t feel clean would they? It’s the same for your skin, you need to use a product along with the water to get your skin truly clean. Our water is also chemically treated which can actually have a dehydrating effect on the skin- the product you use can counteract this so the water doesn’t dry your skin out.

What about soap?

Soap or any product in fact that is designed for the body (e.g. shower gels etc) can strip the natural moisture in your skin therefore leaving it dehydrated. The skin on your body is different for your face and it is so much better for your skin to use a product that was designed to be used on the face! 

OK but what if I don’t wear make up?

Even if you don’t wear make up you still need to cleanse! At night time whilst you are asleep sweat and oils (and therefore bacteria) will build up on your skin so when you wake up in the morning you should cleanse to remove them and follow that with a moisturiser- if you don’t cleanse first then any moisturiser or make up that you apply will be sitting on top of the sweat and oils from the night before this means that the moisturiser won’t be able to sink into the skin properly, the make up won’t last as long as it will slide off quicker, pores are potentially becoming blocked with oil and bacteria is potentially sitting in pores waiting to turn into a blemish. During the day you also get a build of sweat and oils on the face but you also get pollution on the skin too- removing this before you go to bed and applying moisturiser means that your skin can get to doing its repair work whilst you sleep and that moistuirser can really do its job!

How often should I cleanse?

Morning and evening and follow it up with moisturiser. As above you need to cleanse in the morning to remove the sweat/oil from the night before and in the evening to remove the same build up plus pollution from the day time.
Can you over cleanse?

Yes! Twice a day is the max, any more than that and you will be stripping your skins of its natural moisture which can make your skin dehydrated. If you are oily and feel the need to cleanse more than twice I would recommend looking into changing what you are using as maybe it’s not working for you- its also worth remembering that drying out oily skin only makes your skin go into panic mode and produce more oil! So over cleansing, causing your skin to become dehydrated will actually add to your oily problem!

But I don’t have time….

Your daily routine can be super quick! You don’t have to spend lots of time giving yourself a full on facial everyday. When choosing your cleanser choose something manageable that you know you can keep up- for example a facial wash that you can use in the shower or a micellar water that just involves a quick wipe over the skin. The only time-saving cleansing method I wouldn’t recommend is wipes as they very often tend to be alcohol based which is quite harsh and drying on the skin!

What cleanser shall I use and what about toner?

You don’t have to go down the traditional cleanse and tone route- there are lots of different options when it comes to cleansing. You might like to use water on your face so a facial wash would be great for you. You might like something rich so an oil or balm would be your preferred choice. There are gels, foams, milks, lotions…the list goes on! Choose what you like using and what is right for you skin type- if you need help with what is right you can ask a skincare professionals advice (if you’re local to Libra Beauty ask us! or if you’re not e mail us or find somewhere local to you). You can follow your cleanse with a toner which if you’re using a cleansing milk or lotion that pairs with a toner will give you the best results from your cleanse. Toners removes the last traces of cleanser, help to refine pores and can include other active ingredients to treat specific skin conditions. If you’re using a cleanser such as a face wash, micellar water that doesn’t come paired with a toner then you could add toner in after if you wanted to but its optional so go with what you like doing and whats right for your skin.

If you want to check out the Sothys cleansing range including milk and lotions (cleanser and toner) for four different skin types, two facial washes and micellar water then head over to our online shop to find out more.

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