Why do I need to exfoliate?

Exfoliating your skin removes the dead skin cells from the very surface of the skin. Removing this dead skin layer will make your skin brighter and feel smoother but it can also really improve issues with your skin.

When you apply moisturiser to skin that isn’t regularly exfoliated it can’t penetrate the skin properly (the dead skin is acting as a barrier so the moisturiser is sitting on top of the dead skin cells) regular exfoliation means that the moisturiser can sink into the skin properly so it can work more effectively and allows it to do it’s job properly! So if you’re getting a bit fed up with your moistursier or think it’s not working as well as it used to- try regularly exfoliating and that might be the solution that you need (rather than giving up on that moisturiser and getting a new one!) 

When you remove the barrier of dead skin cells not only do you allow your products to get into your skin more easily but you’re also allowing oils to release out- this helps if you suffer with blocked pores and congestion- the oil can get trapped under the dead skin and then cause blockages (blackheads etc) – when you exfoliate regularly the oil is less likely to get trapped.

How often should I exfoliate?

Once a week is fine for most skin types- if you are particularly oily or congested you could up this to twice a week (max!) Exfoliate after cleansing and apply a mask or a moisturiser afterwards.

Can you exfoliate too much?

Yes! Over exfoliating can strip your skin of it’s natural moisture- this can cause two things to happen; your skin can dry out and become flaky or your skin might try and compensate for the loss of natural moisture by over producing on oil so depending on your skin it can either go really dry or really oily (probably exactly the opposite of what you were trying to achieve!)

What type of exfoliator should I use?

There are two main types of exfoliator- mechanical and chemical. A mechanical exfoliator will have usually have grains that are buffed over the skin to remove the dead skin cells. You can also get peeling creams which are applied to the skin left to dry and then rubbed off the skin taking the dead skin cells as its rubbed away. A chemical exfoliator will have an enzyme in it that breaks down dead skin (I like to think of this type of products having little pac men in it that are munching away at the dead skin cells). The type you choose will depend on your skin type and it would be best to seek advice on this but as a general rule sensitive skin types should go for something very gentle and oily skin types can benefit from a deeper or more intense exfoliator.

Sothys exfoliators

Face scrub
A traditional face scrub- one which you are probably used to using/ have used/ or is what comes to mind when you think of an exfoliator. It gently eliminates dead skin cells with grains made from rice powder and silicia beads. Apply a small amount (about the size of a 5p coin) to the face- work in with small circles using your finger tips then rinse.

2 in1 scrub mask
A 2 in 1 product (and who doesn’t love a 2 for 1!) Contains rice grains to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and is rich in pink clay to absorb impurities. Apply a 20 pence piece size amount to the face and neck and work in using small circles to exfoliate the skin then leave for 5 to 10 mins as a mask and then rinse. 

Desquacrem micro derm forte
This is a super charged deep cleanser and exfoliator, ideal for;  clogged normal-combination to oily skin, thickened skin, hyper-pigmented, ageing and sun-damaged skin types. Contains salicylic acid and micro-grains of rice to combine deep cleansing of the skin pores and exfoliation. Spread a small amount of product (about a 20p size amount) on a moist skin avoiding the eye contour area. Emulsify with circular movements. Leave on the skin to activate for 1-3 minutes then re-emulsify with dampened fingertips using lukewarm water, and rinse- repeat the emulsifying with water and rinsing twice more to make sure product is fully removed.

Let us know if you have any further questions about exfoliating your skin or the Sothys exfoliators (you can also find these on our online shop).

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