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25% Off Microdermabrasion

A resurfacing and skin renewal treatment that treats lines and wrinkles, acne, scarring, pigmentation, blocked pores, dehydration and dull, tired looking skins.

During your treatment a stream of abrasive crystals glide over the skins surface- this removes dead skin and deeply cleanses the pores. At the same time a vacuum action will remove the debris, stimulate the blood flow and increase the collagen and elastin production encouraging the skin to renew itself. This can be followed up by organic grains- to further brighten the skin and Oxygen therapy. During the oxygen therapy a serum is applied to target your skin concerns, this is followed by an activation solution sprayed onto the surface of the skin to stimulate oxygen production and then a pump is used to push these products down into the deeper layers of the skin where they can work more effectively increasing the health of your skin and leaving it looking younger and refreshed. After the treatment your skin continues to improve due to the increase of collagen and elastin produced in the skin.


A highly effective resurfacing treatment which exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin. Using a stream of aluminium oxide crystals and suction to stimulate cell regeneration.


Organic grains can be added to the crystal treatment to provide further exfoliation or used alone to brighten and smooth the skins texture.


Oxygen serums with minerals are pumped deep in to the skin tissues for healthy, younger looking skin. Can be taken on its own but is most beneficial after a crystal or organic Microdermabrasion.


You can choose whether to have any of the above on their own, combine two together or for best results combine all three options. After treatments skin is smoother, decongested and bright. Instant results can be seen and best results come from a course of treatments.


Prices from £33.75 to £48.75 including discount.



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